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The TAMMP office has received several inquiries about paper work that free lancers fill out at the top of every job to prove they are TEXAS residents. Due to the lack of manpower, this paperwork must be filled out every time, much like a 1099 form.  The state cannot keep up with expired TX Driver's licenses and passport information, so the form is given out for almost every project that is shooting a commercial or series of commercials in TEXAS.

Of the applicants who apply and receive film incentive monies for Commercials:

  • 79% of the money is given to TEXAS based production companies.
  • 21% is given to out of state production companies who prove they hired a 70% Texas Crew base and shot 70% of the job in the state.

Texas based companies like American Airlines, SW Airlines, Air Tran and US Air are eligible to be used when applying for film incentive money. If you fly crew or talent in from anywhere on one of these airlines, that money counts toward your incentive rebate because these companies are TEXAS based.

The State Film Commission is doing a survey to find ALL the stages through out TEXAS. If you manage, own or operate a facility that can be used for filming, please get listed in the TAMMP on line directory.  This could help increase the amount of work coming in to the state.

The more crew and vendors we can list, the more viable TEXAS looks as a film destination. TAMMP is and always has been statewide.

WHEN:  Sunday, April 6, 2014
Meet and greet from 3p.m. - 4p.m.
Meeting from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Where: Chi Studio  -  Hosted by Noble Productions
807 Fletcher St.
Dallas, TX 75223
Fair Park Area  

Refreshments and drinks provided. Come one, come all.

Web Improvements, 40th Anniversary Celebration
Legal issues and our Non  - profit Status.

You can send your business cards and brochures to the office at 9629 Carnegie Dr. Dallas, TX 75228. Or, you can come by on May 6, and deliver to our booth.

Researched and compiled by Lynne Moon

In 1976, several free lance crew members sat down and decided to put together an organization that could provide a a directory of names and numbers. At that time it was decided this was the best and most efficient way for freelancers to market themselves effectively. This was the only way to advertise your abilities behind the camera and build the industry while benefiting the community. There was no internet. Everything was done by phone and word of mouth. In  the summer of 1977 the first  pocket size directory went to print. In 1978, the membership almost doubled.  
The idea was to form an organization with a directory that could provide crew for non -union film production. The original Board members were as follows:

Jim Ferguson, President
Bob Horne, VP/Secretary
Patricia McKiernan,Treasurer
Jim Etheridge, Legal Chair
Mike Taylor, Public Relations
The Okowitas - Karen and Michael , Directory Chairs.

The 1977 The cover illustration: "MARQUEE' By THE CIRCUS & CO.   Michael and Karen Okowita owned and operated this company and were crucial developers in the organization's initial branding.  Later a second branding logo was designed by Arthur Sanchez and Michael Okowita. It was the cowboy on the bucking horse.












The first directory was paid for by Victor Duncan, Inc. Our first office was at 4228 Central Expressway, Suite 102 Dallas, TX 75206. Jane Sibley was the office manager and continued in that position for 17 years.

TAF/TP - The Texas Association of Film/Tape Professionals had a simple mission statement: It read as follows:

"The Texas Association of Film/Tape Professionals is a state wide organization of the people who work in the motion picture and video tape industry, in the state of Texas. It's membership is made up of technicians and producers alike. Its goal is simple: To promote the industry, and the people  who derive their income from it in the state of Texas."

While this may not be the the most beautifully constructed sentence, its meaning is clear and simple. Our mission is still the same. It makes no difference if you are union, non-union or something in between.

TAF/TP was a major presence in the industry BEFORE any regional or state  film commission ever existed. The organization provided the first printed directory and paved the way for  many successful film, commercial and corporate video productions. This organization outdates the Dallas Producers Association and Women in Film/Dallas, founded by Betty Buckley, a long time TAF/TP member. For over 18 years, the TAF/TP booth that graced South by Southwest, touted all the regional film commissions across the state. We have always been there! So, if you think we are obsolete and no longer relevant, THINK AGAIN! Much of our industry across the state is here as a result of this organization. TAF/TP donated over $25,000.00 to help our lobbying efforts for film incentives. If you have worked on a network TV series in the last 10 years, you can thank this organization for helping to bring that project in.

The business  has changed radically in the past 40 years and we are changing with it. The rule of thumb in marketing is 3. If your name is seen 3 times, it is remembered. Let the new Texas Association of Motion Media Professionals help  promote your off camera talents. Get listed today. WWW.TAMMP.COM

This Summer we are throwing a huge anniversary party to celebrate 40 years.  We will be honoring Kerry Rike who first appeared in the directory in 1979. Come and help us honor one of our own. Stay tuned for more information.

Please check out our FACE BOOK Page : WWW.TAMMP.COM  then hit the FB icon in the upper right hand corner.

If you cannot find yourself on the website, it is because you are no longer a paid in full member or because you neglected to put  all your contact information in the designated fields  when you first purchased your membership. Only you can put that information up. Only you can set your own user name and password. Only you know your credits and contact information.

To renew:
To join for the first time:  Hit the JOIN button and follow the prompts.
To pay by check:   TAMMP  9629 Carnegie Dr. Dallas, TX 75228  You will be sent a TEMPORARY USER NAME AND PASSWORD  that will allow you to put up all your contact information.
PLEASE NOTE: The TAMMP office is run on a strictly VOLUNTEER basis. Please email your questions and concerns to: